Priority Legislation

LB 283 Pansing-Brooks; Provide for a Climate Action Plan. The University of Nebraska would be given the task of putting together a climate action plan for the state. Recites the impacts of climate change and reasons for action. Executive Board. Support, In Committee. Vargas amendment identifies Petroleum Release Remediation Fund as funding source and focuses attention on extreme weather issues. LB 283 still needs to be voted out of committee and be named a priority bill in order to be considered by the full legislature. Here is a link to the proposed Vargas amendment.

LR 294 Kolowski and 14 others; Review various climate-related findings and acknowledge anthropogenic climate and ecological crisis.  Resolution is the result of research and advocacy by 6th graders at Prairie Hill Learning Center. Even though a resolution is mostly symbolic, adults need to support the young people who are willing to stand up and speak out about climate change. Most legislators don’t even talk about climate change, let along acknowledge the role that humans play in causing it. Natural Resources, Hearing February 20th, Support

LB 729 Walz, Adopt the Soil Health and Productivity Incentive Act. Provides incentives for farmers and ranchers to invest in healthy soils, particularly cover crops. Agriculture Committee.  Support. In Committee

LB 933 Crawford, Change provisions relating to discontinuance of utility service. Provides that utilities may not charge more than the cost of disconnection or reconnection of utility service. This is consistent with principles of environmental justice. Natural Resources, Hearing February 13th, Support

LB 973 Kolowski, Adopt the Homeowner Association Act. Provides standards for Homeowner Associations. Contains provisions prohibiting Homeowner Associations from preventing or hindering installation of solar generation systems. Urban Affairs, Hearing February 4th, Support

LB 979 Morfeld, Appropriate funds to the Department of Transportation. Provides for a study of high-speed commuter rail between Lincoln and Omaha. Transportation is currently the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. Mass transit is an important tool in reducing emissions.  Appropriations, Hearing February 6th, Support

LB 1205 McCollister, Adopt the Renewable Energy Standards Act. Increases requirements for renewable energy for all Nebraska electric utilities to 75 % renewable energy by 2030. Although it is unlikely to advance due to opposition to renewable energy by committee members and expected opposition from public power districts, it provides an opportunity to discuss the need to transition to renewable energy as well as economic and environmental benefits. Natural Resources, Hearing February 13th, Support

Second Priority Environmental Legislation
Carryover Legislation from the 2019 Legislative Session

LB 373 Brewer, Provide setback and zoning requirements for wind energy. Another attempt to stop wind development. Government. Oppose, In Committee

LB 700 Bostelman, Require complete removal of wind development infrastructure. General File. Oppose, Failed to advance after 3 hours debate.

Legislation introduced in the 2020 Legislative Session

LB 802 Hughes, State a legislative finding and declaration relating to the right to use ground water. Statement of intent states it is intended to codify the common law on ownership of water, but this bill would make fundamental changes in this area. Natural Resources, January 22, Oppose

LB 818 Brewer, Adjust the nameplate capacity tax for inflation. This bill would increase the cost of renewable energy generation. Revenue, January 24, Oppose

LB 823 Brewer, Provide for a special election prior to the exercise of eminent domain for transmission lines. Judiciary, January 22, Oppose

LB 855 Moser, Eliminate legislative confirmation for certain members of the Niobrara Council. Natural Resources, January 29th, Monitor

LB 857 Lowe, Require state agency review of rules and regulations, Government, January 31st, Oppose

LB 861 Hughes, Change provisions of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act with respect to consumer merchandise and containers. This bill would prohibit communities from banning plastic bags or other consumer packaging. Natural Resources, February 12th, Oppose

LB 905 DeBoer, Provide for a fee on single-use checkout bags and for a program to provide reusable checkout bags to the public, Revenue, January 30, Support

LB 1132 Wayne, Change provisions relating to net metering. Would make fundamental changes to net metering and will likely be opposed by both solar developers and public power districts. Natural Resources, Monitor

LB 1201 Bostelman, Create the Flood Mitigation and Planning Task Force. Focuses on impacts of flooding. Natural Resources, February 5th. Support with suggested amendments for public input and addressing climate change.