Brittni McGuire is the president of Sustain UNL and an inspiring young leader who is taking action to address the climate crisis. Brittni’s 21st birthday is this weekend.

Unlike many people who ask for material gifts on their birthdays, Brittni is asking for people to come to the Lincoln Electric System (LES) meeting this Friday December 20th at 9:30 a.m. to testify in support of LES setting a goal of 100 % of renewable energy.

Brittni wants to get 21 people to join her in testifying in support of 100 % renewable energy. The meeting will be held at the LES’s offices at 1040 O St. Public comment is at the beginning of the meeting.

Let’s help Brittni give a present to the planet by getting 21 testimonies supporting 100 % renewable energy at the LES meeting this Friday. Please RSVP to 21 Testimonies for 21 Years on Facebook.