Food, Faith, and Climate workshop

Join Iowa Interfaith Power & Light as they look at how our food choices are connected to climate change. Fortunately the ethical choices are also the pleasurable choices! Workshop includes pocket guides for sustainable eating, a climate-friendly snack and a chance to meet local growers at a mini-fair including pastured meat, organic produce, honey and more. $20 per person. Register in advance at

When: Saturday, April 7, 2018, 9:30 – 11:30 am. Doors open at 9am for registration, coffee, and a chance to browse the mini-fair of local food providers. So come early!

Where: Broadway United Methodist Church, 11 S. 1st St, Council Bluffs, IA

Cost: $20 per person

Food • Faith • Climate: Connecting the Dots is for anyone who would like to cut the carbon from their food practices. Carbon emissions that is! We look at how our food practices contribute to climate change, and how our faith traditions call us to respond with practical solutions. Then we look at our own food practices and create a plan for more climate-friendly actions.

About Food•Faith•Climate workshops

Our food choices are connected to climate change. When we sit down to dinner, we may not think about global warming, but as much as one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are connected to our food system.

Each of us, at every meal, can make a real difference that ensures a more climate-friendly food system. Fortunately the ethical choices are also pleasurable choices that will improve the health of the planet and our bodies!  Our Food • Faith • Climate program provides you with tools for Connecting the Dots in your home, congregation, and community.vegetables 4

Workshop participants:

  • Learn how our food system contributes to climate change
  • Reflect on what our faith traditions have to say about sustainable food systems
  • Examine our household’s food practices
  • Create a plan to make more climate-friendly choices