Hi All,

The public comment portion of today’s State Board of Ed meeting was very robust!? Thank you to Penny and John for being there and sharing their perfect comments that spoke in support of the new State Standards.?

I would encourage any of you, and anyone you may know, that would still like to comment in support of the standards, to do so through email prior to the Sept. voting meeting to:

Ryan Foor, Executive Director Nebraska State Board of Education at? ryan.foor@nebraska.gov

To summarize, there were 27 people who spoke today at the hearing.? I believe it was about 50/50 in response pro/con.? There was a bus with many against the standards that came from Omaha.? For the standards were, Dr. David Harwood, a curriculum specialist from Grand Island public schools, 2010 Science Teacher of the year from Omaha, a UNL Sociology professor, Clay Naff from Citizens for Science, and others I am not as familiar with besides Penny and John. ?

Thanks John for suggesting you will share the video broadcast because that may help others formulate additional responses.? We need to continue to advocate for these standards until the vote in September.? The opposing side referenced Thomas Fordham data several times.? The opposition cited climate change as a “hoax” and how rote and memorization of facts has gone by the wayside among other statements.? Among those in support was one individual, who was speaking on behalf of another agenda item, and needed to share his thoughts, so told the board not to listen to the data that was referenced from Fordham because it is a Wash. D.C. think tank and has no connections to Nebraska education, that Nebraska education teachers, administrators, representatives who wrote these standards know what is best for the education of the children in our state and the standards should be reflective of their work and supported. ?

On another note, a high school student was there watching at her first hearing meeting.? She also asked some of her friends to come and witness the hearing.? They are all in support of the science standards and plan to email their thoughts as well. ?

Gee, I didn’t realize advocacy could feel so good!? Thanks to all of you for your support as well, whether there or in prayer. ?

I look forward to working with each of you.? Call on me if you need support anytime and I will do for you, too.

Have a great day! ?

Anica Brown