Farming & Faith:?A Holistic Response to Climate Change

Saturday, April 9th, 2016
Sheridan Lutheran Church
6955 Old Cheney Rd.
Lincoln, Nebraska

Doug Dittman2Keynote Speaker: Doug Dittman, Branched Oak Farms and Soto Zen Practitioner?

Religious traditions often speak of the rhythms of agricultural life along with the rhythms of faithful life. Sacred teachings carry a long history of understanding the food that comes from the earth as a gift from a benevolent creator. As we enter into an era of a changing climate, we face important questions: how will our crops perform in an altered climate? How can we produce food in ways that protect the health of the earth? What is the role of faith communities as our climate shifts? Join us to learn how our religious traditions can help to point us in the right direction.

Breakout sessions include:

  • Sustainable Agriculture – William Powers, Director of the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
  • Religious Foundations for Healthy Stewardship of the Land – Rev. Bonnie McCord, United Methodist Pastor, Wauneta/Palisade
  • Renewable Energy Solutions for Nebraska Farms – John Hansen, Nebraska Farmer’s Union
  • Congregational Resources on Climate Change and Faith – Rev. Kim Morrow, Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light
  • Climate Change Impacts to Nebraska – Bryce Anderson, Senior Ag Meteorologist, The Progressive Farmer
  • Carbon Sequestration through Cover Cropping -?Humberto Blanco, Associate Professor of Soil Science, UNL
  • Supporting a Local Foodshed – Tim Rinne, Nebraskans for Peace
  • The Bee Pollinator Crisis?-?Douglas Golick, Assistant Professor of Entomology, UNL

Co-sponsors include:

  • the United Methodist Peace with Justice group
  • the Nebraska Conference of the United Church of Christ
  • Nebraska Sierra Club
  • Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
  • Nebraska Farmer’s Union
  • Center for Rural Affairs
  • Nebraskans for Peace
  • Nebraska League of Conservation Voters

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kim Morrow at

Catered lunch from The Hub Caf? included!?

Registration: $30 per person. Group discount: $25 if two or more register together.

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